Veronica Jaeger Art

Making something out of nothing along with the feeling of disconnecting from the reality of the everyday life to my own invented one is what keeps me delving into the process of creating.
Coming from these ideas my work starts unfolding in a series of explorations of imaginary portraits merging with different elements: geometric shapes, lines, clouds, air creating most of the subjects in my recent work.
I have always been interested in painting portraits, but most of the characters in my work are imaginary, based on heads or faces in a more non-conventional way. I try to focus on an inner reality instead of the outer world where emotions, drama, and conflict abound. Sometimes they are playful and sometimes nostalgic. I don't intend to communicate emotions, but more an introspection or a sense of being.
My influences come from readings about ancient and classical art, philosophy, consciousness, and from looking at old and new art. I feel a connection with the works and colors of the Northern Renaissance artists, and some of the latin american surrealists and contemporary pop surrealists.
My intention is to make work that is universal while mocking the palpable reality and its false sense of normalcy and stability in the midst of its chaotic existence.