Veronica Jaeger Art

My work explores playful scenarios and characters as a particular interpretation of life in a metaphorical sense. While living between a waking and dreaming state I create a visual language that attempts to integrate the mundane with the metaphysical and the absurd in an almost comical and magical way, often resulting in anthropomorphic forms and imaginary figures that dwell in open and cloudy mindscapes. Depictions of human merging with nature, house, pets, toys, bubbles serve as unusual symbols of expression to represent the transcendental and the human spirit’s curiosity towards the divine and the surrounding cosmos which still eludes the collective mind since the beginning of times. Same as the fairy stories and folk tales of yore, it seems there is an underneath hidden fanciful, universal, and timeless meaning in them that lingers in the ether and wants me to catch it and portray it in the canvases and paper.
In this creative process there is a feeling of freedom and randomness as the works develop, and an engaging dialogue between them and I that could take the ideas anywhere.