Veronica Jaeger Art

My work explores playful scenarios and characters as a particular interpretation of life in a symbolical sense. Like in a daydreaming state, I draw and paint figures placed in open landscapes where bubbles and clouds abound and that I use as representations of the ephemeral. In this land of once upon a time, where there are pleasant fields, and whimsical houses and animals, and all things strange and colorful, where fancy abides, and all trouble seems to fade away, is where my work dwells.
Concepts like the soul and the divine feminine, as well as the traditional cosmic tales of yore and myths have fascinated me since childhood and have served as an inspiration to find my creative voice in a fantastical manner that integrates the terrestrial and the transcendental.
There is a feeling of freedom and randomness as the works develop that keeps my mind engaged and curious about the process of fabricating these mischievous imaginings.