Veronica Jaeger Art
The feeling of disconnecting from the everyday life is what moves me to create. Imaginary characters continuously unfold as if they were glimpses of whimsical parallel realities where clouds, earth, and toy-like houses and figures give life to a personal interpretation of existence. Many ideas come from a mixture of old and new art, childhood memories, metaphysics, and nature. Making work that is universal while mocking the objective reality and its false sense of normalcy and stability is the intention behind my work.

The Indigo Show @Recspec Gallery
Austin, Texas
July 21- September 8, 2018

"Indigo is a spectrum, a transformation, a contradiction, a green plant that makes blues. The color of both day and night. The pale blue of high noon sky over Texas and the almost-black blue of the deep Pacific Ocean."
Holly Bobisuthi, Curator