Veronica Jaeger Art
The Day of the NukeSunday Afternoon with CloudsmetamorphosisThe Day of the CometJudith with the head of a bunnyThe Day of the VortexHairy Self PortraitNo-AphroditeSunday Morning Ice PopSweetMother-NWise Dog in Red HatHead Caryatid 1Head Caryatid 2Bubble maker 1AngelicSphinx Thing1HidebunnyBoy12 Weather Balloons13 Weather BalloonsCircle-PoxSphinx-Thing 2Terraforming (Martian Structure)Girl's FaceSphinx-Thing3RectanglePoxOne-Eye-GirlStellar GirlLunar GirlSpace WomanRed SphinxMedusa